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Anonymous: Hey um just so you know when getting pet rats you should REALLY get two of them because when they are alone they literally get depressed when they don't have a companion to cuddle. I know you think you're enough but your rat could literally die because of this. Also make sure if you do get two they are the same breed because they will need a certain type of food. This will save a rats life by a long shot. Seriously invest in two or a different type of rodent 


Hey hey hey I grew up with pet rats I’ve had 6 and they’ve always had a friend and have never died of anything but old age. Don’t worry aha my friend already has one she’s wanting to give me that’s why I said this week I’m getting one so I can adopt hers ^-^

And hey uhm when you want to send an informative message don’t sound so rude

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So this week I think I’m getting a pet rat and I think I want to name it Shion ya know from no. 6 so it’ll be Shion the rat B) I think it’d be cute

A porn blog just followed me

So you’re into milfs but you also like a little scenery and anime on the side I gotcha

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This looks so cozy


I need someone who’s down as fuck to go on spontaneous adventures with me all the time.

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